Mortgage Rates in America

Mortgage Rates in America: The Current Scenario

Mortgage rates, as of March 2023, in America have soared back above 7%, which has significant implications for prospective home buyers. At this rate, buying a median home in the US would require a down payment of $93,540 and a monthly mortgage payment of $2,514 on a $467,700 property. The current scenario of mortgage rates

Housing Market Trends in Boston

Housing Market Trends in Boston Amidst a Shortage of Homes

Housing Market Trends in Boston show that Boston housing market is facing some significant challenges, but there are early signs of a potential recovery. The shortage of homes for sale and rising prices have made it increasingly difficult for buyers to enter the market, but the importance of shelter in driving CPI-housing growth is a

Beverly Park

Beverly Park: Exploring the Real Estate Market

Beverly Park real estate market is a highly exclusive and desirable market for luxury homebuyers. The limited supply of homes, combined with the community’s exclusive amenities and location, make it one of the most sought-after communities in the world. While market fluctuations are always possible, the continued demand for Beverly Park homes suggests that the