About us

At Aliff Capital, we stand as a paramount of innovation within the financial sector, deeply rooted in the United States with a robust presence across the globe, including strategic offices in the UAE, India, and Pakistan. 

Our mission is to pioneer exceptional investment solutions that seamlessly blend state-of-the-art technology with profound market insights, catering to the dynamic needs of our diverse clientele.

Aliff Capital is a premier consultancy firm that specializes in providing a comprehensive suite of services aimed at supporting businesses and entrepreneurs at various stages of their growth journey. 

From crafting detailed business plans and securing government contracts to navigating the complex financial market with cutting-edge technologies, Aliff Capital stands as a beacon for those looking to launch, grow, and excel in today’s competitive environment.

Meet The Team​

Our team brings together diverse expertise to provide comprehensive services in government contracting and other business and financial areas.

Sumera Khan


An exemplary leader with a visionary approach, Sumera Khan stands as the Founder and CEO of Aliff Capital.

Her journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a knack for strategic innovation.

Haroon Haider


As Co-Founder and COO , Haroon is a powerhouse of  operational excellence. With extensive experience in project management, business development, and government contracting, he brings a wealth of knowledge .